What others say

“Sietske is very knowledgeable about trade agreements and identifying new opportunities for SMEs. She was actively involved in the new generation of trade deals the EU is negotiating, representing the interests of small businesses including in discussions about opening up procurement markets.”

Patricia O’Hagan MBE, CEO Core Systems (NI) Ltd

“I loved working with Sietske at FSB. She has a friendly business manner and a can-do attitude, and was one of our best policy brains. Her knowledge of the single market is second to none.”

Craig Beaumont, Head of External Affairs, UK, Federation of Small Businesses

“Sietske is exceptionally talented and any organisation wanting to benefit from EU knowledge should engage with her. Our new lightweight electrical urban scooter, the ’MUVe’, is subject to EU regulation and the local highway laws of our target markets. Sietske has greatly helped us by making us aware of applicable laws.”

Simon Poyser, CEO, Velocity RDT

“We live in uncertain times, and expertise is more important than ever. Sietske combines a deep knowledge of how the EU works, and what that might mean for UK businesses in the future, with an ability to express complicated legal and economic ideas in a way that is accessible and relevant to businesses.”

Prof. Anand Menon, Director, UK in a Changing Europe

"I have worked with Sietske on EU VAT rules, geoblocking and general EU regulation. She combines a deep knowledge of the EU with up-to-date awareness of new regulation and a passion for helping businesses navigate through these regulations.”

Lars Andersen, CEO, My Nametags

“I have not been working with Sietske for long but I have seen that she has a true understanding of business needs with regard to regulation. For example, new EU rules on parcel delivery will be extremely relevant to our business.”

Fiona McLellan, Owner, Pharos Parcel Online

“BAB worked closely with Sietske and FSB together to promote transatlantic trade and investment. Sietske was our main contact, helping us promote SME trade with the US and the UK, and I always valued her collaboration and practical approach.”

Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO, British American Business

"I worked with Sietske on projects regarding the legal framework around cloud computing. Sietske is the perfect advocate for digital firms, as she can actually code herself and has a sharp mind."

Patricia Ypma, Managing Director, Spark Legal Network and Consultancy

“Working with Sietske on the IFB FSB event in Liverpool was inspirational. I learned a lot about trade policy and what needs to be done to engage SMEs in global trade.”

Phil McCabe, Development Manager, FSB Merseyside, West Cheshire and Wigan, Federation of Small Businesses